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Pacific Vista; The Best View in Oceanside Oregon!

Pacific Vista is a spacious multi-level rental located on the North Oregon coast, in the quaint town of Oceanside. Oceanside beach is high rated among Oregon coast explorers and this fantastic rental provides an unobstructed view of the sea and neighboring mountains. While most beachside rentals feature an ocean view, the view from Pacific Vista is spectacular! What makes the view from this particular rental so amazing? This cozy rental with modern amenities is ideally situated in the elevated central area of Oceanside, giving you both a sweeping view of...

The Three Capes Scenic Route Day Trip

If you’re staying in the greater Tillamook area, you may ask yourself; ‘How much touring can I accomplish in one day?’ or maybe ‘What else is there to do here once I’ve done the Tillamook Cheese Factory tour?’ If you head west from Tillamook, and explore along Hwy 131, you will find yourself on one of the most beautiful and fascinating drives on the Oregon coast. Not only will you observe the beautiful landscaping where the forest meets the sea, but there are half a dozen stops that feature culture, history,...

Fun Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Your Beach Vacation!

Staying in an Oregon coast beach house rental often prompts the important question; what will I eat? While we all know that dining out can be exciting, a week at the coast leaves plenty of time to cook up your own excitement as well! This article will outline some ideas to keep your vacation fun and exciting, when it comes to food. In a past article we recommended fantastic prepared Italian dishes that you could take to go from Portland. While that’s...

Sunset Dunes is Perfect for a Large Group!

If you’re planning a large gathering in Oceanside, Oregon you can contact Oceanside Beach Rentals! Sunset Dunes beach rental is an ideal location for your needs. The home features a downstairs living room off the kitchen and an extra long dinner table. Upstairs there is a large open room with plenty of floor space. Bedroom doors line up along the walls. It’s an ideal space for a big family to get cozy in their pajamas and still enjoy the rest of the nights activities. There are a variety of...

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