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Why are there Quilt Squares in Tillamook?

Have you ever traveled through Tillamook and thought; what’s with all the quilt squares? Quilt trails, while wildly popular in some mid-west and eastern states, are not readily seen in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the nearest quilt trail to Tillamook Bay is in Nebraska! The quilt trail was founded in 2009 by representatives from several city and county organizations, with the goal of creating a tie between Tillamook’s rich cultural heritage and the talents of many modern day quilters. Each participating business was tasked with creating a unique quilt block...

OS Beach Rentals and Stimson Lumber Company Grant a Wish

When The Outdoor Dream Foundation set out to make a terminally ill teenager’s dream come true, we were happy to be called upon to help! OS Beach Rentals and Stimson Lumber Company sponsored a teen from North Carolina. When the family arrived, Oregon coast beach rental Sunset Dunes was provided for their use. We’re thankful to The Outdoor Dream Foundation for the opportunity to participate in giving an upbuilding gift to such an exceptional teenager and his family!...