Fun Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Your Beach Vacation!

Fun Outdoor Cooking Ideas for Your Beach Vacation!

Staying in an Oregon coast beach house rental often prompts the important question; what will I eat? While we all know that dining out can be exciting, a week at the coast leaves plenty of time to cook up your own excitement as well! This article will outline some ideas to keep your vacation fun and exciting, when it comes to food.

In a past article we recommended fantastic prepared Italian dishes that you could take to go from Portland. While that’s a great idea, there are many more exciting options for your North Oregon coast beach vacation.

Does your rental have a BBQ? We can recommend two dishes that can be prepared outside as you enjoy your beautiful beach vacation.

First, a seafood boil. This surprisingly easy meal is a great option for large groups and leaves plenty of delicious leftovers for smaller groups. Check out this tasty recipe, it outlines all the items you will need to make your boil a success. *

Seafood Boil at the BeachAnother outdoor option that has recently becoe more popular in the US is the classic Spanish dish Paella. This too can be made on the BBQ, with a Paella pan. For centuries tourists and locals have been swooning over this uniquely spiced rice dish from Spain, set apart by Smoked Paprika and Saffron. There are just a couple tricks of the trade that make this dish shine. We recommend viewing Alton Brown’s Good Eats episode “It’s a Pan, It’s a Dish, It’s Paella” before beginning your adventure. Paella can be made with chicken, shrimp, chorizo and more! Here is the recipe Alton used on the show.

If you wish to pair your seafood boil with an artisan beer, Pelican Brewery Tap Room is located in downtown Tillamook and chances are you could find a fantastic red wine to accompany your Paella at Blue Heron Cheese Company!

*Many of the items you will need for these dishes may not be available on the coast, we recommend shopping ahead of your trip. Most seafoods can be obtained locally.

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