Why are there Quilt Squares in Tillamook?

Why are there Quilt Squares in Tillamook?

Have you ever traveled through Tillamook and thought; what’s with all the quilt squares? Quilt trails, while wildly popular in some mid-west and eastern states, are not readily seen in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the nearest quilt trail to Tillamook Bay is in Nebraska!

The quilt trail was founded in 2009 by representatives from several city and county organizations, with the goal of creating a tie between Tillamook’s rich cultural heritage and the talents of many modern day quilters. Each participating business was tasked with creating a unique quilt block which they felt accurately represented their business. Initially, 30 were mounted on local businesses and that number quickly grew to 81. While this pales in comparison to a 3,000 block quilt trail in the east, Tillamook’s 81 blocks is seen as an encouraging start. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see nearby counties joining the trail in the future?

If your interest in quilts is more than just a passing curiosity, we recommend stopping by the Latimer Quilt & Textile Center, while in Tillamook. The Latimer Quilt & Textile Center’s mission is to “preserve, promote, display, facilitate the creation of and provide education about the textile arts”. For a small fee, you can take a tour of this extensive quilt museum. They feature both local and well known quilting techniques and artists, as well as historical and pleasantly personable displays. A room that is particularly impressive is the loom room. Typically in America, we travel to chain fabric stores and buy fabric shipped here from other countries. The Latimer Center gives a rare glimpse into the art of fabric weaving, as well as a vast array of weaving tools, and you can often view items that are currently in the works.

If you’re staying in one of our North Coast house rentals, and you’re a quilting hobbyist, we’re pleased to help you take advantage of this opportunity to connect with other quilters in Tillamook! Please follow the links below for more information.


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