Sunset Dunes is Perfect for a Large Group!

Sunset Dunes is Perfect for a Large Group!

If you’re planning a large gathering in Oceanside, Oregon you can contact Oceanside Beach Rentals! Sunset Dunes beach rental is an ideal location for your needs.

The home features a downstairs living room off the kitchen and an extra long dinner table. Upstairs there is a large open room with plenty of floor space. Bedroom doors line up along the walls. It’s an ideal space for a big family to get cozy in their pajamas and still enjoy the rest of the nights activities.

There are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed. The home includes a new hot tub, a competition size ping pong table, a sizable wet bar, several games, a DVD player and a game console. There is also a TV and DVD player in the master bedroom, but if you feel like doing nothing in particular, you can enjoy the ocean air out on the spacious deck. The deck extends across the front of the house on both levels and is fully accessible.

There is a family-friendly set-up in each bedroom. Two of the 5 bedrooms are set up to sleep 3, which is particularly helpful when traveling with a small child. Another bedroom holds two twin beds, for siblings or singles. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs, including the master with an attached bath.

Oceanside beach is just a short drive up the road. It displays a quiet village atmosphere amidst a beautiful and fascinating beach. A magnificent cave, with lost boy beach on the other side, tide pools, hill sides and arched rocks await you! Bonfires on the beach at sunset are a delight for all to enjoy!

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