Have You Visited the Cape Meares Lighthouse?

Have You Visited the Cape Meares Lighthouse?

There are nine public lighthouses on the Oregon coast. You may have heard of some recent renovations that are going on right now to keep these lighthouses in top shape. North Oregon coast’s Cape Meares Lighthouse is one that will soon be undergoing renovation. Some of the plans for the lighthouse include a new glass door and a few exterior touch ups.

During the fall and spring months it is often raining in Tillamook County and the lighthouse floor begins to form puddles. To minimize this, the staff keeps the door closed, leaving guests to often wonder if the lighthouse is open. This will no longer be an issue. The glass door will allow the staff to keep the interior visible while closing out the rainy weather.

In 1993 the Cape Meares lighthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You may remember, however, that the lighthouse was vandalized in 2010 when two locals broke into the park and fired over a dozen shots. The windows were damaged as well as the original Fresnel lens that originated from Paris in 1888. It makes our heart happy to know that despite a few damaging actions, the lighthouse is still in operation and has continued to receive such TLC!

A few facts about Cape Meares Lighthouse:

  • Cape Meares lighthouse was built in 1890 and remained in use until it was deactivated in 1963.
  • There were a few years of debate over the fate of the lighthouse, but in 1968 Oregon State Parks Department began overseeing it.
  • The lighthouse is 38 ft tall and stands attached to a modest sized room which is now used as a gift shop.
  • The lighthouse is located amidst stunning cliffside views of crashing waves, soaring birds and even migrating whales.
  • Tours of Cape Meares lighthouse are ongoing from April to October and offered through out the week.

Written by Guest Blogger – Candice Tutterrow

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